CMG Interactive

About Us

About CMG Interactive

CMG Interactive was created to provide strategic direction and creative support to companies trying to reach their customers/clients/supporters online. With extensive backgrounds in online lead generation, Web 2.0 marketing and non-profit fundraising/e-marketing, the team at CMG Interactive can assist any organization with marketing strategy, creative and design, and the technical expertise to take their online efforts to the next level.

Through our various partners in the online marketing space, we have helped our clients connect with their audience through untraditional means: social network marketing, blogging, lead generation and mobile marketing are just a few of the methods that have proven success for CMG Interactive clients.

We can also help with your traditional marketing needs - direct mail, telemarketing and corporate partnerships can be easily worked in to your organizations overall plan. We can help you achieve it all.

Why CMG Interactive?

* Extremely fast turnaround time
* Media Buying Power that will save you money
* Exclusive relationships with online advertising networks
* Quality Email Lists and a white label delivery system
* Knowledgeable and dedicated support staff
* In-house call centers with multi language capabilities
* We are a Publisher, not just an aggregator
* Proven track record for success
* Customized lead generation campaigns
* Proprietarty lead management software solution
* Hyper qualified lead matriculation system