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At CMG Interactive, we offer a full suite of services that all include analysis. We pride ourselves on being a PAY for Performance company, so analysis comes with everything thing we do.

Web Analytics measures such concrete details as how many people visited a site, how many of those visitors were unique, how they came to the site, what keywords they searched in order to find the site, how long they stayed on a given page or on the entire site, what links they clicked on and when they left the site.

The main thing is applying the information we gather, just as with any other means of research If you know that your visitors are exiting a certain page why not analyzing what is the specific reason, perhaps the search button does not function, or there is another more simple reason that makes you lose sales? What actions can you take to prevent this? Fix your site's features, functionality, etc.

What if you knew what products and pages visitors look at together? Now you can make associations between products and suggest related pages to up sell your products or services. Web analytics helps you find a pattern that you can use to make predictions for the future. We are able to use web analytics as a way to help us target visitors based on behavior.

Why do you need to analyze your web stats?
First, you need to measure your content effectiveness to identify what is effectively driving customers to the next step so you can streamline your content, making your site easier to use and less costly to maintain. We are trained on the major web analytics solutions and will provide you with the best service.

We will help to emphasize the Improvement of your e-commerce initiatives with insight into the effectiveness of your merchandising mix, checkout scenarios, product descriptions, marketing campaigns and more.

A comprehensive analysis across all of your acquisition activities will determine how to optimize your internet marketing campaigns and improve you ROI .

Web site navigation analytics
Using web site navigation analytics we are able to help define and measure the effectiveness of any custom-defined process, such as a lead generation form. This helps in our multivariate creative testing that we do as part of our analysis package.