CMG Interactive

Lead Generation

The CMG Interactive team is comprised of skilled media professionals with experience managing internet media buying campaigns and running large scale lead generation campaigns in a variety of industries. These industries include education, healthcare, non-profit and franchise.

One of the points of differentiation between the various lead companies online today is that we actually provide advertising solutions tailored to the needs of our clients and do it on a PAY for PERFORMANCE model.

CMG Interactive specializes in creating media plans that provide predictable results within budget guidelines, and will always figure out a solution to back into the acquisition number that it needs to hit. Again, we are a pretty transparent company so we do show all of our cards upfront. One of the unique things about us is that we do not, under any circumstance share lead data. We know that it isn't as profitable, but we also know that we probably sleep better than most in the business by doing the right thing upfront and banking on long-term relationships to grab margin, not short term cash injections.

The CMG Lead Generation Model:

• Pricing on a cost-per-lead (CPL) basis
• Predictable and scalable volume - we will deliver what you need, when you need it
• Geo targeted and behavior targeted CPL campaigns available
• Real-time lead delivery
• Custom lead filtering
• Detailed reporting with a 24/7 dashboard available
• Lead form creation with vanity URL
• Proprietary lead management system - LeadEngineTM for reporting and tracking

All lead generation programs are performance driven. Conversion metrics are benchmarked, lead flows perform predictably, and cost per acquisition metrics are monitored. Our proprietary lead management system, LeadEngine provides real-time metrics that show lead conversion performance. This technology provides actionable data that enables CMG Interactive to allocate campaign spending in the most productive manner possible.

Lead Generation Flow