CMG Interactive

Non Profit

With more than 10 years combined experience in all levels of non-profit marketing and fundraising, we can help any size non-profit move their marketing to the next level. With the thousands of non-profits all vying for the same donors, it is important to make sure all your marketing dollars are working together to maximize results. At CMG Interactive, we can help coordinate efforts and develop a clear strategy for raising dollars and strengthening your brand. Through direct mail, email, lead generation, web2.0 and mobile marketing, we can help acquire, cultivate, and retain supporters.

Areas of non-profit development:
• brand marketing
• cause awareness and advocacy
• direct response - direct mail and email
• cause related marketing and corporate partnerships

We will help you utilize your marketing resources to raise money, raise awareness and raise your cause beyond the clutter.

Three Important Factors

Brand - A non-profit organization's brand is the most important resource/tool that they have. If you don't have a strong brand nothing else matters.
• brand must be recognizable
• brand must be positive
• brand must be solid and safe

If someone does not have a good feeling and immediately recognize the brand, it makes it that much harder to get a donation.
*Find research to back up in America's Top Brands.

Cost effectiveness - Non profits must report their spending to the public each year.
• How much goes to fundraising
• How much goes to administrative
• How much goes towards mission resources
In order to achieve good rating the nonprofit must have 75% or more going towards mission. 80% is preferred. The Combined Federal Campaign lists all non-profits that fall below that 75% mark with a red flag.

Consistency - In order to keep all offices/affiliates tied to the brand that your organization has built, it is important to have consistent marketing and printed materials. This is what will separate your organization from competitors.
*Other wish-granting organization use similar marketing and mail materials which can confuse donors. There should be no differences between chapters/affiliates. One fluent message - one organization.

Lead Generation - a new way to find supporters

Our partners will allow CMG Interactive clients to run test campaigns through various groups on their site and price them on a lead generation bases. These partners are responsible for spreading your message through their online community and you pay only for the leads that are generated. The ways in which your message would be spread and the creative that will be used will be reviewed and approved in advance of the campaign launch. So the risk is eliminated for you - instead of paying for ad space that may or may not be seen and generate results, you only pay for the number of individuals that say "Yes, I want to support this cause."

You also have options on how targeted your efforts are. So, maybe you begin by opting to generate leads through any group based on where the interest lies, and then in a follow up campaign you can target groups based on the results of the broad test. If you find that you perform better among females in New York and males in California, we can specifically target those groups. This platform will enable you to reach groups as broad or as specific as you chose.We can easily develop your campaign so that it only reaches US based members. This targeting can be done at no extra charge to you.

Setting up a lead generation marketing effort is quick and easy. Once we determine the parameters of your campaign we can have the campaign up and running in a matter of days.

Social Convergence

CMG Interactive has partnered with Social Convergence - a program that enables you to track the social network activity of your supporters. We can take the email addresses of your supporters and run them through the Social Convergence system and provide you with detailed reports.

One report will provide the names of the social networks of which that supporter is a member, whether or not those sites are widget enabled and specific information that the supporter has included on his/her profile (i.e. gender, marital status, presence of children, line of work, how many "friends" they have, etc). The overview report will also provide you with incredible data on your social network supporters - what state they live in, age range, gender, etc. This information can provide great insight and targeted strategy for your social network outreach efforts.